A coffee shop and more


3 Stars

Street: 5107 Kingston Pike
City: Knoxville
Phone: 865-584-8739

Gourmet’s Market isn’t really a restaurant; it’s a mix between a coffee shop, a restaurant, and a fine foods / cookware dealer. Although I’m not qualified to comment on finer cookware, I’m rather well versed in coffee and various edible items.

If you like to buy fresh coffee (ground or whole bean) then this is the place to buy it. The house blend is a fantastic coffee, even when I stoop to reheating a cup in the microwave three times it maintains an excellent flavor.

Many gourmet cooking ingredients are available within the store. I cannot even pretend to know what most of them are, but it sure can be fun to poke around in them and pretend to be knowledgeable about such items.

Most of the folks at Gourmet’s Market seem to be regular customers. After two or three visits you start recognizing folks and feel as though you fit in. Just today I ran across the drummer for the French Broads at breakfast (he had no idea who I was and was probably concerned at my waving at him).

It’s also worth noting that Gourmet’s Market has a wonderful outdoor patio. When the weather is right you cannot find a better place to chat, drink coffee, and try a few new foods.