After stimulation, on trail of car


Just over a month ago, a photo op was staged of President Obama entering a Northern Virginia Chrysler dealership and buying a new PT Cruiser. This was supposed to display his faith in both Chrysler as a company and the economy in general. In a speech, he stated he was doing his part to stimulate the economy, even though he used Hillary Clinton’s campaign funds to do it.

A month later, an investigation got underway to determine what exactly happened to the car. DOT records, obtained using the Freedom of Information Act, show that the PT Cruiser was gifted and regifted at least 5 times. Obama immediately gave the car to his mother in law, who quickly signed it over to her personal chef. He signed it over to a neighbor, who gave it to his teenage daughter, who gave it to a school mate.

An assistant to the Chef-In-Law, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the chef was actually pissed after he received the car. “She didn’t want the car. It sucks. Just look at it! So she gave it to her chef. He was mad that after cooking her all her favorite meals she would repay by giving him a piece of crap car,” the aide explained. The teenage daughter told us, “Are you kidding? I’m not going to be seen in that thing! I gave it to a needy kid! My scholarship review board meets next week, and I needed something to set me apart.”

The needy kid would not return calls for comment.