Chris Whittle unveils plans for the ‘Edisphere’


Our sources indicate that Chris Whittle is in second-round negotiations to purchase Knoxville’s most famous landmark, the Sunshpere.

Chris, founder and chairman of Whittle Communications (sold to K-III Communications in 1994) and founder of Edison Schools (1992) apparently intends to bring one of the successful Edison Schools to Downtown Knoxville.

‘Although the Sunsphere is not large enough to house a standard school, it is suitable for a for-profit specialized institution such as Edison,’ claimed Mr. Whittle, ‘this specific location will primarily house an ongoing science project.’

It has been discovered the Sunsphere was constructed at the perfect height for Physics experiments involving dropping eggs wrapped in straws in hopes of finding ways to keep the from breaking upon impact. Not only will Edison Schools receive $12,400 per year from each of the projected 42 students, they will also receive a $35,000 bonus from NASA for the design of each egg-cradle that succeeds in protecting an egg through the fall.

Mr. Whittle hopes to open the new Edisphere in 2004.