Christmas Elf briefly stranded at McGhee-Tyson

Hamrick the Christmas Elf poses in the
TYS terminal.

At around 11:05 Saturday night, a Delta flight pulled into Knoxville carrying Hamrick, the Christmas Elf. Hamrick had never been to Knoxville before, and apparently, had no intention of visiting here. Due to a mixup at ticketing in Atlanta, he got on the wrong plane. He was dismayed to find there were no direct flights from Knoxville to the North Pole, so he had to spend the night sleeping in the terminal, while eating dinner that night and breakfast the next morning at Ruby Tuesday. Gift shop employees said that Hamrick bought several souvenirs, including a big, orange shirt and a small Sunsphere spoon, in addition to a pack of winterfresh Tic-Tacs and a hemorrhoid ring. Hamrick caught a plane first thing Sunday morning back to Atlanta, where he was to catch a plane back to the North Pole.