Church youth to watch He-Man, GI-Joe


Due to the success of church groups showing non-offensive Andy Griffith Show reruns to members in order to impart useful moral lessons without causing them to feel uncomfortable, several local church youth groups are pioneering the introduction of He-Man and GI-Joe cartoon reruns. “Yes, they’re violent sometimes, and involve war or fighting,” explained youth leader Major Dobbs, “but at the end of each one, they have a moral lesson to impart. GI-Joe always ended with the phrase ‘And now you know, and knowing is half the battle.’ Isn’t that great?” John Helton, who originated the idea, said, “In the cartoons, the good guys always prevail over the bad guys, and the moral, even when obvious, is presented in a way even the hardest heart cannot ignore. It makes so much sense. And we all know who the Master of the Universe is, don’t we? The parallels are just mind-boggling.”

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