City codes and ordinances selectively applied


TENNESSEE (KP) – (Warning, this article is true – and very [email protected] annoying). The City of Knoxville has varied codes and ordinances that are to be followed. If these codes and ordinances aren’t followed, people are paid to enforce them. However, rather than enforce…at least one City employee prefers to look for ways to selectively help offenders work around the fact that they do not wish to follow the same rules that others chose to follow.

Excerpts from an email from Scott Brenneman follow. “My name is Scott Brenneman. I am the Sign Inspector for the City of Knoxville. An old unresolved issue has been brought to my attention. There was a complaint filled against your honorable organization in November 2003, # IC03-1115. Once again….. has urged the city to resolve the illegal installation of the wall sign facing Summit Hill Drive. Your property at…….is zoned O-2, Office. As per the City of Knoxvilles Zoning Ordinance Article 5, Section 10.D.3.b, this property may have (1) wall sign for each tenant not to exceed (2) square feet per sign. The current sign far exceeds the limitations of the Ordinance. The only way to retain your current amount of signage is to apply for a Variance with the Board of Zoning Appeals. I am available to assist you in this effort. I hope we can work in the spirit of truth and justice to resolve this matter.”

Why is it that working around the codes and ordinances that are in place is considered working “in the spirit of truth and justice” according to Mr. Brenneman? I don’t know how much power Mr. Brenneman has, but may Scott West should call him ASAP and see if it’s possible to get a variance on trafficking charges!

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