Knox County Schools is considering a drastic measure in response to all the “whining West Knoxville parents who would rather send their kids to an old, run-down school instead of a nice new shiny school that doesn’t have the word ‘Farragut’ written on it.” Since nobody seems to be happy sending their children to a new school, or a different school, they are considering a plan to force all Knox County students to report for school at the Knoxville Convention Center downtown starting next fall. “Well, nobody uses the convention center,” explained a school official, “so it works out nicely. Downtown is central, so the parents can just drive their kids to the convention center until they give in to our rezoning demands.” Another less controversial measure on the table is to rename the new West Knoxville High School to The Other Farragut High School and to rename Farragut High School to Another Farragut High School.  A less popular but similar idea is to rename Farragut High School to Austin West.


  1. Really … I have no intention of having my kids ever set foot into a school with those insufferable west knox dolts.

  2. darth, if i were you i would be glad they weren’t trying to bus them out to some of those schools out in the ‘hood. i’d much rather have my kids wind up in west knox.

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