Fiancée a no-show; man marries self

Eddie Johnston’s wedding

Last weekend, Eddie Johnston was set to wed his fiancée of 14 years, Mary-Lee Rollins. An hour after the wedding was to commence, Eddie turned on his cell phone to check for messages. Mary-Lee had called and left a message that she changed her mind, and that she had left Knoxville with a nice man she met while working at the bowler’s convention, and she knew he would understand. “Well, I was a bit upset, you see,” explained Eddie. “But I like to make the best of a bad situation, and since I already had the church, the crowd, and the preacher, I decided to marry myself. That way if I ain’t happy later on, I only have myself to blame.” This is a very uncommon situation, but a little-known law passed in 1896 contains a loophole which allows such marriages to take place. Eddie is currently honeymooning in Las Vegas.