Fourteen City of Knoxville employees stricken with stigmata?


Fourteen city employees, all working on the third floor of the City-County building in downtown Knoxville, have been stricken with an odd affliction that some are claiming to be stigmata.

It appears that several employees recently developed daily migraines. Soon after the headaches began, bleeding around the temple was clearly noticeable. Although this was an odd reaction to being in the office, it didn’t appear to be a threat of biblical proportions. Being prudent, the City of Knoxville decided to have the asbestos removed from the building.

After the asbestos removal was completed, the problems only intensified. Employees began exhibiting wounds in the palms of their hands. Once again, assuming a simple solution must exist, the City of Knoxville purchased new roller balls for all employees, throwing away the standard ‘mouse’ attached to each computer under the assumption that they were chaffing the employee’s palms.

Finally, when several employees began bleeding at the feet, it was decided that an outside force might be at work. Although city officials have not taken a stance as to what the cause may be, they have stated that the wounds are not related to work and that the city as an entity is not liable.

Stigmata are wounds that are believed to duplicate those of Christ’s crucixion and appear on the hands, feet, and head of the person afflicted.