Fuel prices got you down?


Record high fuel prices have many Knoxvillians on the run–either because they robbed a gas station or because they thought running would be a better alternative commute. For many others, it is a painful time, one where choosing between fuel and unlimited text messaging has become a way of life. Our Knoxpatch staff feels your pain. We’ve also taken drastic measures to cope. Some of us have bought tiny cars with larger stereo amplifiers than engines, others simply close their eyes and hold their breath while pumping gas into their twin-turbocharged cars. As a public service, we have compiled a list of things that you, the everyday person, can do to save money on gas.

  1. Drive less. This is one of the most difficult solutions, but very effective.
  2. Buy a smaller car. Americans in general seem confused because if they add one child or one dog to the family unit, they automatically assume they need a Ford Excursion to haul everything around. Reality is that most families, even those with two children and a dog, can get by with just a Honda Fit or Mazda 3. This option has one down side, because nobody is going to buy your Excursion, so you are stuck with it. Just use it as a playhouse for your child (remove keys first).
  3. Ride a bicycle. This one is less obvious. Even though you will probably get killed by a soccer mom with one child and a dog, driving a Ford Excursion, while talking on her cell phone complaining to somebody about high gas prices, riding a bike is one of the best ways to save gas and get to where you are going reasonably on time.
  4. Just stay home. This one is self-explanatory, although confusing to some. Just don’t go anywhere and you will save a lot of gas.
  5. Do nothing. This seems to be the most popular option, just keep doing what you are doing and stop whining.


  1. Another self-serving way to handle things, which is what I’ve done (aside from trading the Mustang GT for a Honda Fit with a larger stereo amplifier than engine) is to simply quit visiting clients. I am making them come to me from now on. So, here I sit, waiting…

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