Guilty pleasures


3 Stars

Street: 4132 Martin Mill Pike
City: Knoxville
Phone: 865-573-6021

I had an eye opening experience the other night, and don’t quite know how to pass it along. Passing along these little experiences, however, is the job that I’ve given myself by working with this website. And if you don’t know what King Tut’s Grill is, you need to know.

For years I had a simple rule. Some things are fun, but you don’t do them in your own town. They are reserved for business trips and vacations when you can just let go and nobody knows your name. Lately I haven’t been following my own rules, and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve decided to place this review under the ‘restaurants’ category because I don’t think any place requiring you to bring your own alcohol should fit under ‘bars’ – and we don’t have a ‘playground’ category. A playground, however, is the best way to describe King Tut’s Grill.

Walking through the door, I didn’t know what to expect. One of my friends had described this place simply as an ‘experience’ that one must have. Well, they were right. When we first walked in we were greeted by very bad karaoke and only about ten people were enjoying an evening at Tut’s. I assumed more folks would soon appear, that the crowd just arrived later (I was wrong, only one more group came in throughout the night…a crowd never formed).

We sat down and were visited by a man that I assume owned the place. I heard him called Mo several times, so I’ll go with that. Mo couldn’t hear anything we said, and didn’t seem to want us to make our own selections off the menu. It seemed very preferable to him if we just let him bring us whatever he thought we needed. Eventually food was ordered.

Not quite drunk enough to sing karaoke, I decided to visit the restroom while I could walk a straight line. Big mistake. To visit the restroom, one must walk directly through the kitchen. I’m not going into detail here, but I’ll never know why that room wasn’t condemned (or at least protected by barbed wire and a sign that stated “BEWARE OF LEOPARD!”).

Once the food arrived we each poked about in it for a few moments. I finally decided one batch was tuna helper and the little ball was falafel. Other than that, I’m not really sure what was on the plates.

Soon hats were passed about, the kind of things you don’t put on your head without spraying them with Lysol and boiling yourself after. A big trucker hat with fake hair, a giant bear head, I don’t even recall what else.

Next came karaoke. Hundreds of CDs were available, and Mo just lets folks play with the equipment if they like. Our group of friends is not the type to sing karaoke. Needless to say, we sang karaoke until poor Mo finally had to push us out the door.

For some reason, King Tut’s Grill is truly an experience one must have. As I think about the evening, I shouldn’t have enjoyed it but I simply cannot wait to go back! When making your plans, however, you may wish to follow this bit of advice. Eat before you go, bring your own alcohol (lots of it and don’t be afraid to drink fast), and check your pride at the door. Oh yeah, and one other thing, if you get pulled over by a nice policeman as you leave…be sure to hide the bottle of rum that’s rolling around in your backseat.