Ice Bears to get new theme song


In an effort to spawn better response by attendees to advertisers and to enhance concession sales for next season, the Ice Bears have adopted a new theme song. The Fast Food Rockers “Fast Food Song” will become the official song of the Ice Bears next fall. The song will be played at the beginning and throughout each game. The expectation is that the song’s references to multiple fast food restaurants will illicit a hunger reaction in game attendees, therefore translating into direct sales.

Lucy, Martin, Ria, and Hot Dog

Additionally, the high-energy song is really catchy. Anyone who has heard it played on XM Radio or over the internet knows that once it is heard, it will be stuck in the listener’s mind for at least three days, the chorus continuously playing over and over until the listener is forced to take a valium. This will hopefully help make the games more memorable or at least cause people, by association, to think of each game for at least three days afterward.

For the first game of the season, officials hope to have Lucy, Ria, and Martin in Knoxville to perform the song live, for their first US concert event. Hot Dog, the band’s mascot, will continue to be onhand during each game thereafter. According to the band’s website, “Whilst brands are in the chorus of the Fast Food Song, the Fast Food Rockers are also keen to promote healthy eating and, when touring, will be raising the issue of healthy alternatives to fast food.” Game promotors hope the healthy alternatives might include pretzels, low-carb popcorn, and bottled water.

Each of the 20 hockey teams that have been located in Knoxville over the last decade have tried different things to lure fans to the games and generate sales. This is perhaps the boldest move ever and may pay off big.