In honor of Charles Hagy


UPDATE: Dad’s relay team completed the marathon in under five hours, and he did a great job speed-walking his six miles. He even found the energy to run across the finish line and pose for some photos. A special thanks to my friend Heather at UT Medical Center for being part of the team. Dad, I couldn’t be more proud.

original posting….. A little more than seven months ago my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Since then, he has been receiving chemotherapy almost every week. He has been given a couple weeks off for good behaivor.

Today is the date of the 2nd Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon.

I’m proud to say that, somehow, dad finds the energy to exercise nearly every day. Today, just five days after his last chemotherapy treatment, he is going to be a part of a relay team the completes the marathon. He may not be running, but he’s doing it.

I’ll update this posting at the end of the day to let folks know how it went, but I’m just feeling a bit proud this morning. The attempt is a lot more important than the outcome.