K2K Knoxville’s speedbump on the Information Superhighway


Since November 2nd, 1999 the fine city of Knoxpatch has been served by an information/idea exchange by the name of K2K. In less than three short years, K2K has grown to 879 members and has an archive of over 34000 messages. So what.

K2K, standing for Knoxville in the 21st century was designed as a subscription based forum to facilitate discussion about the future of our city with particular emphasis on issues related to Downtown. Based on subscriptions and numbers of postings it would appear that an incredible information exchange must be taking place.

I have joined/canceled my membership several times in the past two years. Due to a random article in Metropulse every now and then I would develop the urge to see what was being discussed. Three weeks into observing the discussions I would have to cancel because it always appeared to me that very few people actually posted messages.

I decided to run a quick test for those of you that feel the same way, but haven’t had the spare time to count e-mails. On June 19th I printed reports on the last 1260 postings (approximately one month) to K2K. The breakdown was as follows:

879 members on 6/19/02.
877 messages were received from 25 members.
1260 total messages.
Therefore, 69.6% of the messages were posted by only 2.8% of the members.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. People need to be able to chat. If 25 people really have this much to say to one-another I would recommend AOL Instant Messenger (it’s easy to use and you receive instant notification that someone is listening to your opinion).

Based on the fact that information exchanges such as K2K are rather popular, Knoxpatch.com would like to offer another option. K2Knoxpatch.

K2Knoxpatch is the opposite of K2K. A place for those in Knoxville or the surrounding area who wouldn’t mind losing a few run-down Victorian houses in the name of progress. Politically correct views NOT required.

If you would like to join the discussion, visit groups.yahoo.com and search on k2knoxpatch. We don’t have many members yet, but as shown above…25 people can make a lot of noise in Knoxpatch.