Karelian delegates stuck in SmartFIX40 detours, unable to return home


A delegation the Republic of Karelia visited Tennessee today to learn about SmartFIX40, which is now famous across the globe.

Translators worked with the Karelians to help explain the symbolic relationship between Malfunction Junction and SmartFIX40. Then, City officials drove the Karelian delegation to the heart of the SmartFIX40 project and left them to find their own way home.

Since this time, no Karelians have been seen, but 911 did receive a call this afternoon that included someone screaming in a Russian dialect, heavy sobbing and the sound of rushing cars.


  1. Why are our tax dollars going to train someone from a made up country? Were they just filming a movie gratis? Was very surreal seeing this on WBIR.

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