Knoxpatch Interview: Norris Dryer, City Council Candidate

1784 is pleased to announce that Norris Dryer, candidate for City Council, has agreed to an interview.

KP – Although you are nearly a local icon, some of our readers may not yet know who Norris Dryer is. In thirty words or less, who is Norris Dryer the person?
Norris Norris Dryer is a biped who has recently passed into the final stage of middleagedness (60). My life has centered around the philosophy stated in Albert Ellis’ book “The Unashamed Hedonist”.

KP – In thirty more words, who is Norris Dryer the candidate?
Norris Norris Dryer is a candidate who hopes to join the new mayor and the new City Council members working toward a more progressive approach to making Knoxville a better city.
KP Exactly thirty words, we are impressed.

KP – Why did you decide to run for office, is it to get attention?
Norris I was approached by a group of dedicated and hard working young people who wanted me to run because they thought I espoused their political leanings and opinions about Knoxville. I’ve received enough attention during my long careers with both WUOT and the Knoxville Symphony to not need it per se.

KP – With regards to downtown development you mention (on your website) that you would like to create a more convenient way to walk from the old city to the waterfront, could you please elaborate on that? We were unaware that there is another way to walk.
Norris Unless a person is very familiar with downtown, it is not easy to know what route, or routes, to take to walk from the Old City to Volunteer Landing. Crawling is not always a bad thing, depending on one’s condition.

KP – With regards to a living wage you mention (on your website) that you would work to make certain that all employees of City Government earn enough to stay out of poverty. Why do you think that society has allowed certain needed positions to become so underpaid (such as teachers)?
Norris We simply take for granted and therefore do not properly value many of those who perform some of society’s most important functions, such as teaching and keeping our city clean and attractive.

KP – Have you found the general public to be less or more interested in the race than you expected?
Norris Perhaps a bit more interested than expected but I realize that most people will not really center in on the City Council races until late August or even September.

KP – How do you feel about the issue regarding Jean Teague and term limits?
Norris I consider the issue with Mrs. Teague and term limits to be a matter of the letter of the law versus the spirit of the law. Is 28 years too long? The voters will decide.

KP – Knoxpatch has a rather healthy history of making fun of certain aspects of Historic Preservation. We aren’t against it but think that folks tend to go overboard. Any thoughts?
Norris As with any issue, particularly controversial ones, there are always those on both sides of an issue that go overboard. I do consider myself to be a preservationist but there are some really ugly old buildings that need to be outa here.

KP – With a rather large field of candidates to choose from, why would you be the best choice?
Norris Because of my some 25 years of hosting talk shows, mostly about local issues, on WUOT and my addiction to newspapers and local talk shows, I simply feel that I’m sufficiently up on the issues to a helpful and effective council person.

KP – Boxers or briefs?
Norris Two answers: Why do you assume either? None of yo business.

KP – What was the last movie you saw at the theatre?
Norris “A tu mama tambien”

KP – Would you like to share anything else with our readers?
Norris Being a bit of a wiseass myself, I think I would enjoy engaging with you and your readers on issues because you seem to also be wiseasses, and that is a compliment.

Thanks again for being asked to participate.