The Pacifist unveils his
new persona.

On the heels of the increasing popularity of Superheroes in movies, Knoxville has scheduled the first ever tryouts for hero/heroine of Knoxville. The decision will be based upon super powers, name recognition, charm, and marketability.

The chosen individual is expected to bring several benefits to Knoxville. The Downtown area should experience a surge in business due to the perceived increase in safety. Visitors are also expected to flock to the region for an occasional glimpse of the new celebrity.

Tryouts will be open to all wishing to compete. Two early registrants are already gaining attention as frontrunners.

Batman, long known for his work in Gotham City, has expressed interest in the low cost-of-living and lack of major villains here in Knoxville. Another important factor is the low skyline which will allow for a cheaper and less powerful Bat Signal.

The Pacifist, a Knoxville native, also shows hope. Clearly not as tough as Batman, The Pacifist promises to provide a severe browbeating to all that deserve one.

Mayor Victor Ashe has offered one major incentive in order to lure the best and brightest entrants. The Sunsphere will be given to the chosen Superhero/heroine to serve as a secret hideout.