Graduates of Leadership Knoxville often experience dissatisfaction and discontentment in the years following the highly praised program. These feelings are due, mainly, to the fact that they are often Leaders without Followers.

Members from the class of 2005 claim that the problem is worse this year than it has been at any time in the past. Four members, that wish to remain anonymous, think they have found a solution for this somewhat embarrassing dilemma. They are currently forming a small nonprofit organization that will begin recruiting for the first group of individuals to participate in Followers Knoxville.

According to our sources, Followers Knoxville will identify 40-60 people likely to follow others. These so-called ‘followers’ will then participate in a series of educational sessions that will teach them how to properly follow those already identified as leaders. After graduation from the class, they will be teamed with a past participant of Leadership Knoxville and will attempt to serve their new leaders needs to the best of their ability.

Organizers of Leadership Knoxville say that this new program has been needed for quite some time, but they haven’t had the time to start the process. Now, with ‘followers’ soon coming to assist, they will no longer miss such opportunities and will proactively move towards other initiatives.