Local man uses GPS to find Sunsphere


Knoxville Native Jack Valance found his way to the Sunsphere differently than most folks do. He recently purchased a Garman eMap Global Positioning System (GPS) unit and wanted to test it, so he had a friend go downtown and mark the Sunsphere as a “way point,” a sort of GPS bookmark. The friend brought the eMap back to him and dropped him off on Gay Street. Following the menu prompts, Valance told the eMap to “goto” the Sunsphere. Using nothing but his Garmin, he navigated the streets of downtown Knoxville, arriving at the Sunsphere exactly 42 minutes later. “I averaged 2.4 miles per hour! And I didn’t even look up once,” he exclaimed. “This thing’s great! It’s like the microwave: what did we ever do without it? You gotta get one,” he added.

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