Lenoir City Resident Forrest Lyttle is upset that he has never met Dolly Parton. The cross-country trucker claims that he talks to people everywhere he goes, and, no matter where he is, no matter how remote the location, someone has encountered the famous country music diva.

“Hit’s like she don’t want to meet me,” says Lyttle. “Here I’ve lived in East Tennessee all my borned days. I been to all the lower 48, and she ain’t got the courtesy to be one place at the same time I am. Hell, I talked to a guy in Baja, California that runs a little old podunk gas station in the desert, and she stopped out there to use the ladies john oncet. Everybody goes on about how nice she is, and all, but I guess I’ll never know. I even been to Dollywood a dozen times, but I won’t be going no more.”

On a suggestion from his brother-in-law, an auto body technician, Lyttle is changing the name of his independent trucking company from Evergone Forrest Trucking to Never Met Dolly Transport Company. He will be having his small fleet of six trucks repainted to reflect the change.