Man complains when car impounded


Knox County resident Bud Jennings filed a complaint with the Sherriff’s department Wednesday after his car was impounded. According to the report, Mr. Scruggs was driving down Cedar Lane when Officer Alan Davis pulled him over at the El Chico mexican restaurant and had his car impounded.

“You just can’t please these people,” stated Jennings during a phone interview. “First they pull me over and said my tail light was out. I fixed that up with some clear tape and a red marker. The next week I got pulled over again and was told I had to put my bumpers back on. I can’t help it if they rusted off. This time they took my car!”

According to Officer Davis, the 1966 Rambler Ambassador Mr. Jennings was driving was a safety hazard and parts were falling off in the road, causing other drivers to swerve. “His car was literally held together by duct tape. The headlights, the hood, and the front fenders were all held together by tape. His door windows were replaced by cardboard.” Officer Davis immediately called the impound to have the car picked up, and then drove Mr. Jennings to his home in Broadacres subdivision.

Knox County typically is very lenient in cases involving cars in bad condition. Officers are usually too busy chasing Ohio residents up and down Interstate 640. But in some severe cases, and especially with repeat offenders, the cars will be impounded until the owner pays to get the car repaired.

According to the Knox County Sherriff’s Department, Mr. Jenning’s case will be looked into and a judge will make a decision in the case. However, it is expected Mr. Jennings will have to fix his car without duct tape this time.