Man injured in shopping cart incident


A man was injured in the Walker Springs Wal-Mart when he was hit by a shopping cart. The man, Mike Johnson, was reported to be reaching for a can of discount tuna when a cart operated by Myrtle Beeler hit him from behind and knocked him down. According to eye witness John Patterson, Beeler appeared to be upset that Johnson might get the last four cans of tuna, and tuna was on special, four cans for a dollar. “You have to really be careful shopping in Wal-Mart at certain times of the day. Like, right after church you better watch out or you’ll get run over, especially if you are in somebody’s way,” explained Patterson. “I was only in here this late because I couldn’t get my girlfriend out of bed any earlier. She had to watch 90210, you know how it is.” Charges have not been filed in the case, but the police report states that Wal-Mart management followed procedure.

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