Ben Sanders has been playing the lottery for about 10 years now, making regular trips to Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, and elsewhere to buy tickets. He usually brings back tickets for friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

He spends about $3000 a year going for the jackpot. “I always drove an old beat up pickup truck and lived in a leaky shack, but I was just being patient until I won,” said Sanders.

Ben Sanders His patience finally paid off last week when he matched three of the six numbers and won $500. “I just knew that day would come,” exclaimed Sanders, who drove up to Kentucky to claim his prize. After taxes, he collected about $275.

“I don’t trust banks, so the obvious thing for me to do was to bury the cash in my backyard,” he explained. Late one night, he went out in his backyard and buried the money. The only problem is he can’t remember where. “I meant to mark it, but it was dark and I ended up marking the wrong spot.” When asked why he buried it in the dark, Sanders quipped, “I’m going to bury it in broad daylight? So my neigbors can see? I don’t think so.”

Sanders discovered his error when he went back to retrieve some of the money to buy a can of Bondo for his truck. He still has not found it, but claims to be training his hounds to recognize the scent of money.