Medal of Valor awarded to Cookeville police officer


Officer Monty Hallof the Cookeville police department has been awarded the Medal of Valor for his efficiency and professionalism in the line of duty.

The Cookeville Police, the state highway patrol and Governor Sundquist have all expressed intense gratitude for Officer Hall’s work over the years. Although he is currently best known for single-handedly freeing the world from the nuisance of a puppy, his career has long been one of great achievements.

Within a short period of time after joining the force, Officer Hall had firmly entrenched himself with the community by protecting society from uncontrolled animal activity. On day one of his job, his highly trained eyes noticed a trail of woodchips leading to a pet store. Recognizing these as signs of illegal logging activity, he promptly entered the store and pistol-whipped the batches of gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pigs that were using the ill-gained woodhips.

The Medal of Honor has been bestowed not for any one career highlight, but for a general sense of duty. Thanks to Officer Hall, the citizens of Cookeville no longer go to bed with an unbearable fear of being attacked by chickens, emus and vermin.