Poll workers annoyed by fingerprints


Knox County poll workers usually are patient, friendly people. However, due to the large amount of fingerprints on the not-touchscreen voting machines, lately some poll workers are starting to get agitated with all the cleaning they have to do. “I mean, really, can’t they tell by the dial that the big, friendly screen is not a touchscreen?,” asked poll worker Marty Smith. Several voters who were interviewed admitted they had poked the on-screen number pad several times trying to enter their pin before they realized the machines were not touchscreens. “They totally LOOK like touchscreens,” said an unidentified voter, wearing a “Big in Japan” t-shirt, “What were they thinking not making these touchscreens? That little dial is just stupid.” In the meantime, poll workers are having to stock up on Windex and paper towels, and a whole lot of extra patience.