Queer Eye for the Straight Guy to makeover Clinton, TN


In an attempt to boost ratings now that the makeover craze is showing signs of slowing, Bravo TV has announced that the five stars of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy will soon face their toughest challenge to date. They will attempt to makeover the entire city of Clinton, Tennessee.

Well known for its complete lack of ‘metrosexuality’, Clinton poses a daunting task for these scrappy little purveyors of taste and good grooming.

This ratings stunt has been coordinated through the Tennessee state tourism office with hopes that soon people will not feel the need to bypass Clinton whenever possible.

One local store, Hammers, may not be able to survive the change. Hammers is currently Clinton’s largest supplier of oversized t-shirts and ugly clothing and would no longer be needed if style were to improve. Rumors are circulating that Hammers is already in negotiations for a merger with Armani and could be turned into the first Armani-Hammers Exchange outlet.