Stacey Campfield still welcome in some Knoxville restaurants


Based on the news yesterday that Stacey Campfield was denied service at a restaurant most Knoxvillians thought closed for good in 1986, astute staff began calling other local eateries to check their policies on refusing service to customers of various levels of notoriety.  Bill Lockmith, manager of Ruth’s Chris Steak House, told us they only deny service to poor people.  Likewise, the Downtown Grill and Brewery, Sapphire, and Nama all told us they have a policy to let anybody in who meets their dress and odor code.  “We do sell raw fish here,” explained a Nama employee, “so we do let our odor code slip from time to time.  But we get notorious people in here all the time, and as long as they don’t cause a problem we let them eat.  Besides, business is good and we don’t need a publicity stunt.”