TDOT to widen interstate for future


After realizing what a pain in the ass it is becoming to do any road projects in modern society, and also that hindsight is 20/20, TDOT announced plans to widen I-40 through downtown enough to allow for any future expansion. A spokesmodel said TDOT is taking this measure so they will not have to deal with all the red tape in the future. “By widening I-40 through downtown Knoxville to 20 lanes in each direction, we’re ensuring room for future growth while resolving immediate needs at the same time,” the spokesmodel, Ambyr Taconi stated. “Sure some businesses, including any businesses between I-40 and Summit Hill Drive, will be affected, but the increased ‘no rain’ zone under the bridge will more than make up for it,” she added. Critics accuse TDOT of trying to pave over the state, but they claim they are just doing their job. Aaron Level, an SUV owner, is pleased with the proposed changes. “Kick ass,” he exlaimed.