The Gold Man planning his own “Swagfest”


Hoping to cash in on the meme scheme, Knoxville’s Gold Man, who likes to remain anonymous, is planning his own “Goldfest,” to also be held at the Sunsphere and Convention Center. The date has yet to be determined. The Gold Man, made (locally) famous by his Brimily’s Gold Exchange commercials, feels he should be at least as “memed” as Stephen A. Burroughs, and wants Knoxville to know about it. The fest will offer food and drinks for the $20 admission charge, and he will have a booth set up on the observation deck of the Sunsphere in order to buy your gold. “Please don’t bring me glass from the Sunsphere,” he explained via email. “And please, submit your meme ideas to my website and Facebook page as soon as possible,” he added.