Tim Burchett bans those with past DUI’s from visiting AutoZone or NAPA


After receiving media attention and successfully having one sex offender arrested for attempting to read, Tim Burchett has now created a new set of rules to bar those with past transgressions from public places.

According to the Mayor’s office, “Those with DUI’s are not to visit AutoZone or NAPA. Both of these locations stock cup-holders and travel mugs, which could tempt drivers to drink and drive again. We do NOT want to them to be tempted.”

It appears that the Mayor’s office is aware that cup-holders and travel mugs are sold at other locations, and an extensive list of banned locations will be provided in the near future. However, until that time, it is simply recommended that past DUI offenders use proper judgement and quickly walk away anytime they see a travel mug for sale.


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