A man claiming to have traveled from the future, 2088 to be exact, was arrested today in a Food Lion parking lot. Eyewitnesses say that he suddenly appeared out of nowhere, just balled up and naked, lying in the parking lot near a speed bump. The man, claiming to be John Connor, was promptly arrested for indecent exposure. When asked why anyone would come back to Knoxville from the year 2088 he pointed out that he was sent here to prevent us from making a horrible mistake. Apparently, according to Mr. Connor, the future of Knoxville is in jeopardy unless the ‘Nine Counties. One Vision.’ process is successful. He urged all people around Knoxville to gather and share in a grand visioning process that will restore the vitality of our lovely region. Discussions are now underway to possibly clothe Mr. Connor and require that he provide community service by facilitating visioning meetings throughout Knoxville.