Twine viewed at 250,000X

The Knoxville Museum of Art has announced that they will have the world’s second smallest piece of twine on display through the remainder of 2005. The twine, housed in a square glass case that is .025 centimeters in diameter, is currently located in the women’s downstairs restroom until a more suitable location can be found.

Pam Burnt, world-renowned collector of all things tiny, has provided this piece to the museum. “I consider myself lucky to have made this find” says Pam. “I was actually searching for a very small shrubbery when I came across the twine. As the rules of collecting tiny things go, I cannot simply cut it to make it the smallest piece of twine ever found…but I have hope of someday coming across one even smaller.”

According to museum representatives, the piece of twine is only visible through a high-powered microscope or by squinting and looking through special glasses.