Another Reese movie


3 Stars

City: Maryville

Foothills Cinema is a lot like Halls Cinema. Brehd would love it. The employees seem to have the same “go to hell” attitude, they are disorganized, and there are lots of teenage girls answering cell phone calls and talking during the movie. Nobody was taking tickets, so we finally just walked into the theater and sat down when it got within 10 minutes of the film’s expected start time.

The hilight of waiting on the movie to begin was when a group of about eight or nine highschool girls tried to cram into the six seats next to us. They discovered that the first one miscounted after all of them walked past us and there weren’t enough seats. One muttered “This is what happens when a bunch of girls goes to a movie.” And I thought “Not when they can count.” They slowly filed back by us and made their way down to the front row, where they continued to run in and out of the theater the rest of the show.

The previews started about two minutes late and dragged on for over 15 minutes. But, it appears there are some fun looking movies coming out. My favorite out of the bunch was about a perfect high school girl who gets cursed and wakes up as Rob Schneider (The Hot Chick). Another one, Ghost Ship, looks like a new twist on an old plot (empty ship at sea boarded by people who want to claim it), and then some movie called Abandon with Katie Holmes that I may get dragged to. Finally, there was a new James Bond Die Another Day trailer with Halle Berry all in it.

The opening of Sweet Home Alabama featured some kids on a beach almost getting struck by lightning, and then muttering some sweet lines. The movie then abruptly moves to New York City, where Melanie Carmichael (Reese Witherspoon) is an “up-and-coming” fashion designer putting on her first show. After her high-profile boyfriend (Patrick Dempsey), who was the son of the mayor (Candice Bergen, who probably was comfortable in her role), proposes, she feels the urge to go back home to Alabama to take care of some business.

It turns out she is married and must talk her husband Jake (Josh Lucas) into signing divorce papers.

What happens along the way is for the most part unrealistic, but that is okay. There are some entertaining and humorous moments throughout, and I got the impression the audience liked it a lot. It is the story of a snooty city girl who comes back to her roots to find out what is real. That is the opposite of most movies these days, so it surprised me. They even point out that the horrible bitchy self-centered and condescending mayor was a democrat (Son: “Mom, you are a democrat, you should be concerned about the poor.” Mother: “I like the poor! I was elected by the poor!”)

Ignore what professional reviewers have to say about this movie and go see it anyway. Is it cheesey? Maybe. Is it cinema art? Probably not. But is it a movie that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy? Yes indeed.

Be sure to take your girlfriend/wife/whatever to see this movie because she will love it. And for the guys out there, you get to watch Reese in yet another movie. And, you get to hear about three different remakes of “Sweet Home Alabama” (the song).