Bjorn and Brehd need a laugh


4 Stars

City: Knoxville

Brehd and I have had a long week. Brehd was on vacation, so it’s even more sad that his week was long. I was working, so I have an excuse. Anyway, yesterday was the point at which the stress needed some serious relief, so I convinced Daisy-Mae, Brehd, Mrs. Brehd, and a coworker with wife to go see The Hot Chick at Wynnsong.

I was surprised when anybody but us showed up. All six of us are admitted Rob Schneider fans and agree The Animal was not his shining moment, and are a little nervous with each new film.

We sat in the mostly empty theater exchanging stories until the previews started, which lasted almost exactly 20 minutes. There are some fun looking films coming out soon.

The movie started in an ancient setting, which I hadn’t anticipated. This set the stage for the movie to have a bit more of a story than I expected it would. Next, it jumped to the future where you see a snotty group of high school girls going about their daily rounds of snottiness. Finally, The Hot Chick herself manages to wake up one morning as Rob Schneider.

What happened for the next hour and a half or so was six people laughing so hard they had tears streaming down their faces. Anybody who expects the preview to contain the best parts of the movie is in for a treat. This was one of Rob’s best movies to date, and by far the funniest.

Was it really that good or were we just so stressed the release brought about by relentless laughing that was triggered by the movie was going to happen even if we watched Madonna’s “Justify My Love” video? I cannot answer that, and do not want to watch that video to find out.

In the words of Daisy-Mae: “We have to buy this on DVD.”