Bjorn likes cheesey movies


3 Stars

City: Knoxville

To start with, let me clarify that nobody who reads this review will like Sorority Boys. You will hate it because it is mindless, silly, predictable, and inane.

Which, of course, is precisely why I enjoyed it so much. I am a Harland Williams fan, for some reason, probably because of the inexplicably large number of times I have watched Rocket Man, the movie with such memorable lines as “A glitch? No, that’s not possible. I programmed it myself,” “I’m 30 years old. I’m almost a grown man,” or “Boy, I wish I had nine hundred twenty-eight dollars for every time a girl said that to me.” You have also seen Williams as the “7 Minute Abs” guy inSomething About Mary.

There really is not much point in taking much time to describe the plot: some frat boys get framed for stealing money and dress up as girls to get back in to prove they did not take the money (frats will not let other guys in). They get thrown out and, still dressed up as girls, get taken in by a sorority across the street that is full of rejects. They stay in drag while trying to prove their innocence and maintain a place to live. The frat is KOK, and the sorority is DOG. KOK had a habit of launching rubber sex toys with a big sling shot through the windows of the DOG house.

The point is to let go and laugh a lot. We did. Daisy-Mae was annoyed when I put the DVD in because she wanted to watch The Majestic, and I think she laughed more than I did. Sometimes a mindless movie is good for the soul. I probably have the only privately owned copy of Bubble Boy in Knoxville just for that reason.

There are chicks in this movie, and some nudity. The head DOG chick, Melissa Sagemiller, is a babe. Another notable DOG chick is played by Heather Matarazzo, who was in The Princess Diaries. You also get to see Bree Turner reprise her role as a babe who gets her t-shirt wet (in Deuce Bigalow, she was the “Sea snails from the colder tank” girl).

Otherwise, nobody else of note is in the movie. There are several of the “actors you recognize but have no idea from where” in the movie, but they are not very important, which comes as no surprise.

Some of the more enjoyable moments were when the boys accidentally became more “sensitive,” discussing things such as “Do I have a big ass?” or “Does this look good on me?” while in drag.

The movie is predictable, silly, sophomoric; almost a rehash of those fantastic 80s T&A movies. But it is darn funny, and that is the reason I watched it and will watch it again.