Bjorn visits King Tut’s


A (long) while back, Brehd reviewed King Tut’s. For some reason I never made it to that place. Since his review, Daisy Mae and I have ventured to Cairo and Greece and developed a taste for odd cultural experiences. So last night we were in the mood for Greek food. According to the Urban Spoon “shaker” application on my iPhone, King Tut’s falls under the “Greek” category, presumably because they serve the largest, most feta-cheesed Greek salad either of us has ever seen.

As we’ve recently been looking at property off Martin Mill Pike, the stars seemed aligned for us to try it out. A quick call found they were indeed open on Sundays for dinner, but not until five. We loaded up Skittle into his fancy car seat and headed off to explore the unknown.

King Tut’s is a scary place in a scary location and you have to park in the scary back parking lot with scary people walking around (who as it turned out, worked there). Don’t let that deter you.

As Brehd and other reviewers said, Mo (Mohammed) wants you to order what he wants you to order. And that is usually the Greek salad and the Egyptian Sampler. We walked in, sat down, and were given menus. As Mo walked away, he said “I suggest you order one Greek salad and one Egyptian Sampler and split it.” We looked carefully at the menu for a few minutes, then gave in. What the heck?

A few minutes later our frosty beverages arrived in giant glass vases. Needless to say, we never needed a refill. Not long after that, our mountain of Greek salad arrived, covered in a snowfall of feta cheese and some other substance that looked like ground olives, but I’m sure it wasn’t. Actually, you will find we really had no idea what we ate beyond the salad. The salad was excellent. We each had two giant servings and there was still enough leftover to fill a carry-out box. The salad needed more olives, but it was still very good.

Right as we finished up our salad, Mo delivered an assortment of dishes, including some red stuff, some brown stuff, some tan and red stuff, some more brown stuff, a cakey-bready thing with sesame seeds, some pita pieces, some beans (we think), and some chopped-up spicy vegetables (tomato, onion, etc.) like a salsa.

Every bit of it was excellent. Very good flavors. There was no meat, which I was disappointed about at first, but got over quickly. We were fighting over who got to finish off what, happily dipping our pita in hummus and whatever else looked dippable.

So after all that, we were quite full, but for the whole experience, you must order dessert. So we got Jack Daniels Pie (walnuts and chocolate plus ice cream) and tiramisu (because they were out of baklava). All I can say is YUM! Worth the extra pound I probably gained, for sure.

So all said, with Skittle’s really, really good grilled cheese sandwich, the Egyptian Platter, Greek Salad, two drinks, and two desserts, our bill was $33 and we were stuffed.

The downside is that we were the only people there, the entire time. I hope it was just because it was a Sunday afternoon. But we will definitely go back. We didn’t have quite the festival experience we’ve heard about, but it was still great food. Mo told us that he was trying to find space to open a coffeehouse so he can serve just desserts. Sign us up!