Holiday dinner made easy


My family has loved Buddy?s Bar-b-q as long as I can remember, but I never thought of them as a place to get my Holiday dinner.

Last year, a member of the family was stricken with a particularly difficult illness and we didn?t feel like fighting the cooking gods for Thanksgiving. After weighing a few options, we went with ordering a smoked turkey from Buddy?s. To be honest, the expectations were rather low.

The day before Thanksgiving, I walked into Buddy?s to pick up my bird. A 12-pound creature was handed to me wrapped in foil and placed in a little generic plastic bag. The dressing was in a thin foil tray that did little to impress. Oh well, at least we wouldn?t have to cook.

Flash forward 24-hours and the stuffing is coming out of the oven and the turkey has been heated. It turns out that Buddy?s has provided the most enjoyable Thanksgiving turkey our family had ever tasted. The biggest skeptic was my non-turkey eating father, and he had two servings. The dressing was good as well, but not quite as good as homemade.

The price for a 10-12 pound turkey, a large tray of dressing, and some turkey gravy is only $49.99. A major bargain, compared to most things today.

I?m writing this review today, because I just picked up my turkey for tomorrow. It?s a new family tradition. Another new family tradition, Buddy?s Smoked Turkeys for Christmas.

If you’re having a family gathering or party, order one today.