Nerdfest at the Wynnsong


3 Stars

City: Knoxville

Poor Daisy-Mae. To pay her back for making me watch 15 minutes of Will & Grace last night, which was very miserable indeed, I dragged her to see Star Trek: Nemesis tonight. I don’t know if you have ever been to see a Star Trek movie the night it opens, but it is a real treat. Only one person dressed up this time, but when I saw Star Trek: Generations on opening day, I was one of the few nerds without a costume.

Anyway, the most enjoyment I had at the movie was in watching Daisy-Mae take in the crowd. When asked what she would do if one of her friends caught her there, she explained that none of her friends would be there. They were probably all at home watching Will & Grace. All the real fans come out on opening night. And one of them even tried to pick up Daisy-Mae. He followed her right back to her seat. He must be like Praetor Shinzon in the movie, and had never before seen a human female and just wanted to touch her hair.

I had heard mixed reviews about the movie, so I lowered my expectations before going just in case. I am a science fiction movie fan first, Star Trek fan last, so my interest was more in the whole space-i-ness of it all. You know, the special effects, Dina Meyer as a Romulan…that sort of thing.

Now I have to blaspheme and complain about the usage of Romulus and Remus. Are we to assume that some aliens way across the galaxy named themselves quite coincidentally after characters from Roman mythology? Come on! Maybe the Romulan pope lives in Hume. But I digress…

Daisy-Mae admitted she liked it more than she expected although she said it seemed to just be about some clone trying to kill the original copy. Which it was, more or less. I am not going to bother to describe the plot here because there are a million other reviews out there to do that for you.

The special effect you may not have that we had was somebody being audibly flatulent during the movie. It added a special depth of humor missing from most movies these days.

This was a typical Star Trek movie, as far as I am concerned. It had the humor, the action, the fantastic special effects, the good space battle, and some aging cast members. I sort of got nauseous when I noticed how much Jonathan Frakes (Commander William Riker) looked like Al Gore with the beard, albeit not as chunky or blockheaded and with a hot wife (Counselor Troi).

If you are into Star Trek, do not miss out on this movie. If you don’t know anything about it, you may still enjoy it, but you will miss quite a few of the jokes or references to previous adventures.