Spiderman 3 is…


Freaking boring! What a waste of 2+ hours. Full of cliches and almost no action? And the action that is there is boring and fake? After the first hour I was ready to leave, but stayed put hoping something would get better. Never did. Ugh. Bad acting, cheesey script, annoying useless “bad” guys, everybody cries at one time or another… Can’t we all just get along? I’m going to have nightmares filled with Toby Maguire strut-dancing in the streets. I sure am glad we sneaked off to see it today before all the crowds…had it been crowded I would have been even madder. It put us both in a bad mood. Thank goodness for ice cream and peanut-butter/chocolate brownies.


  1. Agree wholeheartedly…less “General Hospital” more “Spider-Man II”

    This leaves a whole “Return of the Jedi” taste in my mouth

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