African American spotted at Knoxville early voting location


The world is watching the Tennessee 2006 elections closely; it’s no secret that a lot is riding on the outcome. But will the voters come out?

One sign that change is in the air came when an African American was spotted at one polling place in Downtown Knoxville, with voters citing confusion and excitement regarding his presence.

When asked about why he was participating in early voting, “I’m just tired of all the ads, and trying to make my decision about whom to vote for. I see one commercial and I think I like Bob Corker, then I see another and I trust that other guy. The other guy is so nice looking and trustworthy.” said Harold Ford, Jr., outside the Knox County Courthouse after casting his vote.

He declined to say for whom he cast his vote.

Knoxpatch will continue to monitor the polls, and hopes to see other African American voters to step forward to have their voices heard.