An evening on the campaign trail with Bill Haslam


Oddly, I was recently invited to go door-to-door with Mr. Haslam as he continues his bid to become Mayor. When it comes right down to it, I wasn’t invited as Brehd Patchley my alter ego, the mild-mannered shoe-shine boy received the actual invitation.

My short experience along the campaign trail took place on Washington Pike. As I was leaving, my wife told me to have fun shaking hands and kissing babies…I pointed out that although the Mayoral race isn’t run along party lines, as a Republican I’m more likely to be kissing ass and shaking babies.

I have to say that the entire evening played out as a wonderful experience. Three hours of walking up to the houses of strangers with a little notepad, some handouts, and wearing a “Bill Haslam for Mayor” t-shirt. The residents were friendly and responsive. Several folks asked if we could send yard signs to them.

One of the most rewarding moments for me was walking up to a house where the owners had Madeline Rogero stickers on both trucks. After spending ten minutes chatting with them they pointed out that Madeline hadn’t taken the time to stand on the porch and chat with them.

If you haven’t yet made your final decision regarding Knoxville’s next Mayor, let me urge you to consider Bill Haslam. It’s Knoxville’s time!