Bearden resident sets world-record for most viewings of Rocky V


Gordon “Rocky” Edens, age 42, recently achieved a life-long dream, gaining recognition for setting a new world-record. Gordon has lived his life in search of the one record that he could break. Months at a time have been spent focusing on different talents such as juggling, walking on his hands, eating hotdogs, and pulling trailers with his teeth. Nearing desperation and ready to give up for good on his 42nd birthday Gordon decided on one final attempt….the most consecutive viewings of Rocky V. Apparently Gordon was truly inspired by the complex storyline involving Rocky Balboa holding one final street fight although he had already sustained brain damage. The record-breaking attempt was made and completed on August 27th, 2002. Based on Gordon’s ability to sit through this film for three entire viewings it is expected that the record may never be broken.