Best Greek Salad in the Patch


Last weekend, I had the pleasure of accompanying a group of friends to a Fountain City treasure – Harby’s Pizza and Deli. I’ve been wanting to review this place for a while now, but have not made my way there until prompted by a faithful reader concerned we are becoming Thanks, James, for the friendly reminder.

Harby’s is tucked away behind Fisher Tire on Broadway in between a tattoo “salon” and a shop that looks to be the Knoxville Mecca of crystals and all things New Age. And, oh yes, THIS is where Little Sister’s fled from the Old City.

This place has character. A Jesus illustration in the window illuminated with Christmas lights; a large fish tank with equally large and affectionate fish; lp album covers adorning the walls including everything from the Bee Gees to Anita Bryant (orange juice and homophobes anyone?); and a point of purchase display stocked with 1980s era sunglasses ($1 a pair with the order of any large pizza).

Our meal was wonderful. Our foursome chose spicy hummus, Greek salads, and a combination pizza.

Although the hummus was a little lumpy for my taste, the flavor was nice and the jalapeno added a kick that was flavorful but not over-powering. The hummus arrived served with the best (and hottest) flat bread I’ve tasted yet.

We received our pizza before our salads came, but as it turns out, it was well worth the wait. This has to be the best Greek salad I’ve ever tasted. Better even than Mellow Mushroom and Gondolier. All ingredients were fresh, and Harby is not stingy with the ingredients. Ham, black olives, green olives, onion, tomato, and very tasty feta. If you visit Harby’s with a dining companion and if you trust your dining companion to share fairly, split a salad. It is definitely worth trying regardless of your entrée.

With the excitement of the salads, the pizza almost became an afterthought. But it should not be overlooked. Simply excellent. Crust was tender and tasty. Not too much sauce. Loaded with ingredients. Cheese toasted perfectly. I love when there cheese is slightly browned.

A couple more things on the menu worth mentioning include a front case filled with very delectable-looking desserts. The menu advertises that they now offer vegan vegetarian desserts. We did not taste the pastries because we were completely overwrought with food. Ah, next time.

The menu also includes a full array of deli sandwiches. And where else can you get a Black Angus burger for $3.50. You also have the option of ordering baked fries (isn’t that an oxymoron?) if you prefer to go “greaseless.”

Harby’s is a great stop for excellent pizza and the best Greek salad in the Patch.