After many months of tirelessly wading through post after post in Knoxville’s thinktank newsgroup K2K, Bjorn Knoxley has finally stopped reading it entirely. He posted for a brief period of time and discovered the group is about as open minded as a rationalist at a Baptist convention. Then he tried to remain interested and read the posts at least for amusement or article ideas. After awhile, he realized that nothing new ever arises within the discussion, so even making fun of them gets old. When he noticed he had ceased his daily routine of checking the group, he partially blamed it on his other projects, such as this and this that keep him distracted. It then occurred to him that reading K2K is like reading the same daily Dilbert calendar page every day (it was funny on January 1, now it’s November). So he stopped. There is no word yet coming from spokespersons as to where Knoxley plans to get ideas for articles now, but sources say he has not unsubscribed from the group.