Brehd’s Odyssey, installing Swiftlock Flooring


I’ve been away from the computer for several days (I apologize for the lack of Knoxpatch musings as of late). As I begin this article it’s been eight days since a simple project began…the installation of Armstrong Swiftlock flooring in my den. This wonderful invention has a 25-year warranty and is supposed to install in 1/3 the time of traditional hardwood flooring.

Eight days of work and the project is not finished yet. And my den is only a little more than 200 square feet in size! At the current rate of progress it would follow that this task would have taken me approximately 30 days if I used the old-fashioned hardwood flooring.,.about 6.25 square feet per day. I’m not sure, but I do believe that I could carve 6.25 feet out of stone with my big toe in one day.

I don’t care how much time your wife has spent watching HGTV, it isn’t as easy as it looks. The next time she shows you how easy it is to do something because it’s done on HGTV just change the channel over to the Sci-Fi network and point out that it should also be easy to visit other galaxies and mate with sexy space creatures based on the fact that it is on television.

The floor is beginning to look beautiful. I hope to actually put furniture on it this summer. If the molding and transition pieces ever make it to the ground I promise to invite you all to a house-warming party.