City of Knoxville introduces catch-and-release program for the homeless


After much speculation as to how to address the Downtown Knoxville homeless problems, a catch-and-release plan has been introduced that will allow other areas of the region to share the problem. According to a release from the Office of the Mayor, non-caucasian homeless individuals will be tagged and redistributed to South Knoxville where they will be better suited to serve society. If the program succeeds, long-term plans also included relocating all lawyers and advertising agencies to West Knoxville.


  1. I have laughed out loud at some of your posts recently. It was much-needed relief. Thanks for helping me pass the time during my “house arrest” recovering from an illness. -dave foulk

  2. Last time I was out on Campbell Station Road it looked like some of the homeless are finding their way out there already . I don’t know where West Knox Countians will try to hide now. The Moon ?

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