Gen. Wesley Clark, presidential candidate and really swell guy, stopped tonight in Knoxville to discuss health care. During the first few minutes of his speech he pointed out how much he does not care that Al Gore did not endorse him because he has Hillary and Spielberg. He went on to tell the crowd that health care was a really good thing, and he was pretty sure most people need to have some. “When I went against military regulations and exchanged hats with that Serbian general, he leaned over to me and said ‘Folks need healthcare,’ and that really got me thinking.” He went on to say that until recently he was a Republican, but that his advisors thought he might have a better chance getting nominated as a Democrat. He quipped, “I read Hillary’s book and the book by the guy, you know, the one who hates Fox News? I read his book too, and now I know what I’ve been missing all these years as a wingnut.” Turnout was good, and the room was filled to capacity, at 27. Clark plans to come back again sometime if his schedule allows it: “If I can get Madonna’s endorsement, I’ll come back and ride a float in the catwood parade!”