Customer buys Knoxville supply of duct tape

The bicycle of Huey Norton, protected
from a terrorist attack by duct tape.

In response to the threat of a terrorist attack, and driven by the media frenzy to buy duct tape and bottled water, Huey Norton went on a buying spree. In a single day, Norton went to every duct tape supplier in Knoxville and bought their entire stock of the gray, utilitarian tape. Wal-Mart manager Ron Barkly said this was the first time his store had ever run out of duct tape. According to Norton, he wants to be sure that he stays safe in the event of an attack. “I have wrapped everything in my house with duct tape, and still have enough left over so that, if there is an attack and the world as we knows it ends, I’ll have plenty of duct tape to get me through,” he explained. “I still had survival gear left over from Y2K, including my Winchester, so all I needed to buy this time was duct tape,” he added.