David Keith is teaching a film class through the UT Department of Theatre and is directing a film with that class. They would like to invite you to be an extra in this film.

The film is about overzealous developer wants to tear down historic property in a small Tennessee downtown area to build a super-mall. There will be a courtroom scene along with scenes outside on the courthouse steps.

We don’t know if this film has a commercial life, or if it will be possible to obtain a copy of the film it is being discussed at UT.

Friday, January 3rd 9:00 AM to approximately 10:00 AM at the old courthouse building across from the Andrew Johnson building. They’ll be shooting people coming into the courthouse for the trial. They need about 50 people.

Friday January 3rd at 3:00 PM (time to be confirmed at the 9:00 am shoot) same place. They’ll be shooting people coming out of the courthouse after the trial. Again needing about 50 people.

Tuesday, January 7th starting at 8:00 AM to shoot the trial. This shoot will be all day long and participants will need to bring their lunch and a drink. Also, several scenes that cover several days will be shot so please bring an extra sweater and jacket.