Dick Clark to host Knoxville’s Rocking Eve


Although it was believed that Dick Clark would take a break from his usual New Year’s festivities, a spokesperson for Mr. Clark announced today that he will be hosting Knoxville’s Rocking Eve.

“Although Dick is taking it easy and trying to recuperate from his recent stroke, hosting the New Year’s festivities in Knoxville, Tennessee is an excellent opportunity. This allows Dick to remain synonymous with the New Year. Our understanding is that the celebrations in Knoxville run from about 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM, which is much less stressful than the New York affair.”

Everyone is encouraged to attend this special event, which will be held at the Sunsphere. Although a ball isn’t going to drop, those attending are encouraged to imagine a large ball coming towards the ground at a time that they would like to see such a thing.